Three Days with John Schaffer

I had a friend of mine visit from Jacksonville, FL. He was my fishin partner back in Jax. He decided to come to Huntington, WV to hit the streets with me. It was a great 3 days on the streets.
The first day we went to the Charleston, WV the states capitol. We were able to talk with a lot of people and had several great conversations. John spoke with one guy with an arab background. He had never heard the gospel before. John took him through the Law and Gospel. He understood what he needed to ..Repent and Trust. He was prodded by his freinds to end the conversation but he stayed and listened. He also didnt have a Bible so we were able to provide him with one.
We next hit all the local parks, bus stations, and mall entrances speaking with people and handing out hundreds of tracts. While at the mall I spoke with a guy named Michael. He was told by someone else that his life was going to be from any problems after he "accepts" Jesus. I took Michael through the law and the gospel and explained to Michael that Jesus doesnt need our acceptance....we need His and the only way to get it is by repentance and faith. He understood and thanked me for sharing the truth of the gospel with him. His ride arrived so he had to go. Pray for Michael.
The second day we hit the streets of Downtown Huntington, WV. We had several great conversations and handed out hundereds of MDB's. That was one exciting day that I will post at a later time. Tuesday evening John was able to share his testimony with our small groups mexican fiesta at the Sikes home.
The third day we decide to go to Ritter Park with my Church and hand out free water bottles and tracts to people walking or running by. Hundreds of water bottles and tracts were handed out.
Later on in the evening we met up with Guy and Aaron and read some scripture from "Project Ezra" and did some open-air. Several people stopped and listened to the message and then continued walking. We pray for them and also the ones that were listening that we did not see.
All in all it was a great 3 days. I was so blessed to have my fishin partner in town and to hit the streets with him. He is such an encouragement to me. We just enjoyed declaring Gods Truth to the lost. Praise God for the opportunity to share while we still have time. Keep Fishin!