Huntington Rib Fest 2009

It seems as the days of summer fly by there's an occasional "festival" to gather the people from the Tri-State area. Living in a place where the crowds aren't as big as Jax, FL or L.A. I have to take advantage of anything where people are drawn. This years Rib Fest had a Car Show, Concerts, Petting Zoo and Pig Races (too Funny!!) I decided to hit the streets on Friday and Saturday for about an hour and a half. 11-12:30 then I had to go to work. I set up on a corner where most people would enter the festival. This corner proved to be a great spot and I got to hand out several hundred tracts on each day. The first day fellow fisherman "Aaron" was riding by the festival entrance gate on his motorcycle and saw me, parked his bike and said "I saw you and wanted to hand out some tracts too". What an encouragement he was to me that day! There were several times during these two days that I was surrounded by groups wanting a gospel tract. I couldn't give them out fast enough. It was time well spent glorifying God by spreading the truth of the Gospel. Keep Fishin!!


John Schaffer said…

Sweet spot right by the entrance. School starts tomorrow. Got some great responses to Shai Linne. I'll try to call Roger Gannon tomorrow and give him your info over the phone.