An Evening at Ritter Park with Guy and Aaron

It rained all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I was fortunate enough that God provided a few hours Wednesday night for me to go out with a couple of guys I met on Ambassador's Alliance Radio. We decided to meet at Ritter Park in Huntington, WV. We met at the fountain where there is a big track nearby for people to walk, run, and ride their bikes. As I was waiting for Guy and Aaron to arrive, I spoke with Brian. He was receptive and was very interested in talking about God. I was able to take him through the "Good Person Test" (GPT). He admitted to breaking God's commandments and knew he was guilty. He also knew, based on that, he was going to hell. He was very concerned and therefore, I was able to present him with the gospel. He told me he would definitely consider what we had talked about and thanked me for sharing the truth with him. I next spoke with Blake who was walking around the park. He stopped for a M.J. MDB. I asked him how does a person go to heaven when they die? He said he was a good person. After we went through the Law, he saw that he was like the rest of us. He realized he was guilty of breaking God's Law and there was no way he could save himself. He said there was no sin that he loved so much that was worth spending eternity in hell. Blake said that he would consider all that we had talked about. I ran into several people from my church and others who were very encouraging to me and what I was doing. My friends arrived and immediately started handing out tracts and starting conversations with people in the park as I did some open air. Then Guy did some open air. While he was speaking, Aaron and I spoke with Todd and another Blake. Todd understood everything that we said and agreed with it. Blake was really tuning in on what we had to say. He knew that he had broken God's law and while we were talking you could see his countenance change as he realized that God's wrath abided on him. He knew that he wasn't guaranteed tomorrow and said "If I died tonight, I'd spend eternity in hell". We explained the gospel to him and how he needed to repent of his sins and put his trust in the Savior. He said that he would consider what we had talked about. I invited him to come to church since he said he did not have a church home. Hopefully, I will see him on Sunday. Please pray for Brian, both Blakes, and Todd. It was a great day at the park and God was glorified. Keep Fishin!!


Godzguy said…
Great site dude! Pics look great! Can't wait till this wednesday again at Ritter Park! Glory to God!

Guy R