3 Guys at Marshall University for 2 Hours = 1600+ Tracts handed out...Priceless....What a great afternoon!!

Bill "The Fisherman" Sikes, Dan "The Man" Stokley and myself were very excited to hit Marshall University. We had no idea what a great day it would be. Heres a bit of what happened as told by Bill and Dan.
Bill spoke with Jessica: Jessica was curious about the million dollar bills and asked what they were. I told her they were gospel tracts, and asked her what she thought happened when people died. She said she didnt really know and hadn't thought about it much. After going through God's law with her, she looked at me with a fearful countenance and said she was concerned for eternity and that she saw herself as a guilty sinner. I presented the gospel of Jesus Christ to her and she seemed to be locked on to every word as she listened. After thinking for a moment, she told me she had never heard the good news before. I encouraged her not to wait another day before repenting of her sin and putting her faith in Jesus to be saved. She said she would and thanked me for sharing.

Bill spoke with Travis: I spotted Travis coming from a couple hundred yards away because of his "Bad Religion" band tee-shirt(a well known anti-organized religion touting band). I approached him with a million dollar bill tract, pointed at his shirt and asked, "so do you believe the same things they do?". He professed to be an atheist that believes that there is not eternal life. My response caught him off guard a bit, as I asked him, so if there was a God, and a heaven, and a hell, where would you go? We reviewed his works together against the law of God, and by his own admission, he was guilty on all inquiries. He agreed to listen as I presented the gospel to him, and his only hangup was to say "but if Jesus was Lord, why did he say that his Father had forsaken him on the cross". I responded by explaining to him that a holy God not only can not look upon the sin that Jesus had taken upon himself, but also that God the Father had poured out his wrath upon the Son. I told Travis that the wrath poured upon the Son was wrath that currently abides on him, and will be stored for his day of judgement if he rejects the gospel. In that moment Travis seemed to really understand what I was telling him for the first time, like it had become something logical in his mind instead of "corny religious cliches". He thanked me intently for sharing with him, and promised to consider what we had discussed.

Dan said he talked to one gentlemen that said he was a "Christian" that sang in Churches, but did not attend Church... I asked him how I could be saved, and he had no clue.. I shared the law and gospel with him.. pray for him that he would examine himself by looking nto the mirror of Gods Word and see if he is a believer or not.
Dan also spoke with a guy who was in a rush but was able to swap contact info with each other to finish the discussion later.

Dan also ran into several others that he had talked to before and was able to encourage them as well.

Please pray for these folks as well as all who took tracts.

We had no idea that we would be able to hand out over 1600 tracts today. What a beautiful day! What an Awesome Day.! Thank you Jesus!!! The gospel was proclaimed at Marshall University and God was glorified......Keep Fishin!


Godzguy said…
Dude! Great Post! Wish I was out there with you! I'll make it soon! Lots of great conversations! Can't wait to get back out there with ya! Love ya man!

General Wretch "aka" Guy R