Money Giveaway and Stop Light Open-Air

Dan "The Man" Stokely and I started off our day at the Huntington Junior College. We decided to give away some money for trivia. After giving away several dollars Aaron decided to take the GPT. He failed of course...but was very humble and got to hear the Gospel. He said ( with tear filled eyes ) it made sense and he knew he needed to repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus Christ. I encouraged him to take care of it before he put his head down on his pillow tonight.

One of the interesting things that happened while presenting the Law and the Gospel was that a woman came down the stairs from the school entrance to the public sidewalk where I was standing and asked me to move on down the street. I politely said I would when I was finished speaking with the students. She then disappeared.

Dan spoke with several people after the first quiz. Sean, Marty, and Carl. He had some great conversations with these people and handed out a bunch of tracts. Dan also took this weeks pics and video which may be posted at a later date.

Next we did another trivia money giveaway which worked great. The girls declared it was their turn Donna was up. She took the GPT and failed. She was a very nice lady and after going through the Law and the Gospel knew she needed to repent and put her faith in Jesus Christ. She tried to give the money she had won back to me but I told her to keep it. I also had a brief word with Classy who I've spoke with on several occasions. She said that she liked the way I explained the law and the gospel and that it made sense.

Dan and I headed for the courthouse to do some Stop Light Open-Air. As the cars stopped at the light for the minute and a half or so they got to hear the Law and the Gospel. So did the people in the Federal Building nearby as they stood outside smoking. I got several beeps and words of encouragement. We stayed at the courthouse for about an hour.

Alot people heard the Gospel and God was glorified! Keep Fishin!


Wayne Dawg said…
I love the picture of you talking to the girl at the courthouse with her arms crossed, hips bent, and turned away from you!

Man if that ain't the classic stance of "I don't want to hear nothing about this Jesus thing" if I ever saw one!

Keep up the good work -

Wayne Dawg said…
By the way - I am adding you to my blog roll on the street witnessing/preaching blogs at 'His Feet on the Street'

Vernon said…
Thanks Wayne!!