Biggest Team Yet

Wow, How amazing it was that all four of us were able to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Wednesday afternoon in downtown Huntington!! Bill Sikes, Dan Stokley, and Ben Craft and myself were the most fisherman that we had out on one day....actually able to hand out more tracts and talk to more people....we were very excited. Bill and Ben were able to talk to several people. Ben handed out a ton of tracts. Dan spoke with Vince, Keith and Sunny. Please pray for them. I had several conversations but the one I will mention here is with a guy named Kyle. Kyle was very open to hearing the Law and the Gospel. He understood it and said he would definitely think about it. I hope to see him again. Please pray for Kyle. Hopefully in the weeks to come I will be able to post some audio clips and maybe even some video. Until then ....Keep Fishin.