Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fishing with Ben

Ben Craft ( who was on his first fishin trip ) and I made our way to downtown Huntington. He had a desire to to biblical evangelism in action. He also had "Did you get one of these?" down. He was excited and ready. As we were walking through downtown to give a tract to one guy, he turned around and told us to "get out of here with your Jesus stuff and stop doing what you're doing!". He was upset, so we replied that we were on a public sidewalk and that we would keep telling others about Jesus. Ben saw his first "heckler".
We first spoke with David. As we went through the Law, David tried to take us on a few rabbit trails..we quickly addresses those issues and came right back to the Law. As we spoke Davids countenance changed...he became less aggressive and saw we had a burden for him by the way we spoke to him with compassion and concern for his eternal destiny. He admitted to breaking the Law and said that He would spend eternity in Hell. He then said that he was very concerned about spending eternity in Hell because he didnt want to go there. We were able to share the gospel with David and He understood the message said it made sense to him and that he would not put his head down on his pillow without thinking about how he needed to repent and put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ for his eternal salvation. Pray for David.
Ronnie was sitting on a chair on the sidewalk downtown writing on his note pad. Described himself as a deep thinker and a good person. We went through the good person test and found out that ......He's just like the rest of us. He knew if he died tonight he would go to hell because he sinned against a holy God. He was concerned and was able to hear the gospel. He said that wasnt any sin in his life that he loved so much that he would spend eternity in hell for. He thanked us for sharing the message of the cross with him and said he would definitley think about what we said and that he knew he needed to repent of his sin and put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
I spoke with a big group of teenagers who all told me they were saved Christians. Of course, I asked them to tell ME how I could go to heaven if I had three minutes to live. Nobody could help me. I then able to share the gospel with one of them and the other four took off. Pray for this young man that he would think about what we talked about.
I went through the good person test with Tiara. After finding out that she was like the rest of us, Tiara still proclaimed that she was a good person and that God knew she was a good person. I shared Romans 3:10 with her and explained that she was creating a god to fit her beliefs...which is idolatry. She was concerned about spending eternity in hell and said she would think about all that we discussed. Pray for her.
We were walking by City Hall and the Mayor of Huntington ( who is a Mormon ) walked by us. We were able to talk with him for a moment about our city and let him know that we were praying for him..and of course, give him a million dollar bill. That was exciting.
We spoke with Ashley and Patti at the community college. We took them through the good person test and like everyone else, they failed too. They were concerned about spending eternity in hell and thanked us for sharing the gospel with them.
On our way back to the truck, I had a chance to meet James, a Huntington police officer. I was able to give him a copy of Tony Miano's booklet "Running Beyond Inspiration".
It was great to have Ben with me today at the pond. He said that he is looking forward to coming back. God was glorified today. Keep fishin!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Downtown Huntington

I woke up this morning thinking that there wont be too many people at Marshall today because finals are over. We drove through downtown looking around and didn't see too much activity. We decided to just park and check it out on foot. As soon as we got out of the truck, put our quarters in the meter people were just coming from the right and the left. Dan and I first spoke with Matthew who claimed he believed in a goddess and would be reincarnated. He admitted to breaking Gods Law...but in the same breath denied Him. He said he would be going to hell anyway since he led an alernative lifestyle. We stayed our course on the Law with compassion for Matthew but in the end after speaking with us for about 10 minutes threw the tract back at us and walked away. Please pray for Matthew.
Dan conversed with Chris who was on his smoke break. Dan would come to find out the Chris had a patchwork theology. He took what he liked from each different religion and made his own. We told him that was idolatry..making a god in your own image. His co-workers called him in.......He took two Obama Millions. Pray for Chris.
We made our way towards the Big Sandy Arena and spoke with Tara and her two friends. It felt like a mini-open air. They were very receptive to going through the Law and the Gospel. Tara's whole demeanor changed going through the Law then the Gospel. "I understood and it made sense", she said!!! In fact her two friends were shaking their heads and agreeing that they too understood and thought it made sense. Tara and her friends said they would consider what we talked about. They thanked me for sharing the gospel with them. Praise God and pray for Tara and her friends.
Our last conversation took place in front of Huntington Community College. Spoke with Tiffany, Classy, and another young man. Mini open-air. Two of them admitted if they died right now they would go to hell. All three people were very receptive to the Law and the Gospel. They all understood what they heard. Tiffany and I spoke for several minutes. She asked if I knew of a good church that she and her son could go to. I gave her the name of my church and I hope she walks through the doors on the days to come. Please pray for Tiffany, Classy and the young man. All in all on a day when I thought not much was gonna happen (because of most of the college kids going home)...God had other plans and He gave us a wonderful day to proclaim the story of redemption and forgiveness to a lost world. Its all for His glory....Keep Fishin.