Proclaiming the Truth

Me and Bill hit the pond today desiring one thing...that God would be Glorified with our words and the way we present the Gospel. We desire to speak that truth with a compassionate heart. We started off sharing with a group of guys....two of them engaged in conversation. Jonathan grew up in a Christian home, went to church growing up and then joined the military. When he got back from serving he found some things had happened to the church that he didnt like..he said he was let down and hurt. He described himself as living dangerously kinda guy. He didnt try to play Christian..He knew he wasnt one and said he would not pretend to be one like he had seen so many others do. Man will always let you can tell who the play actors are.... Dont put your faith in men.
Jonathan heard the law and the Gospel and knew that he was living life under his own authority and not Gods authority. Please pray that Jonathan would think about the things we spoke of and repent of his sins and put his faith in Jesus.

We spoke with James next and were able to go through the Law and Gospel with him. He understood and we gave him a Bible. Pray for Jonathan and James. Keep Fishin