Great Day at the Pond!!

I couldnt wait to get to the pond at Marshall University this moring. I was able to stay there for about 2 1/2 hours. I spoke with Brandon who was rushing to get to class. He wasnt too sure what he believed..but definitely listened (most of the time) and understood the Gospel.

Sean was on campus trying to get people to vote for him. A great opportunity to speak with him. He said he was a believer but only knew part of the Gospel. He was very busy and pre-occupied by everyone walking by so I gave him a tract..pray he reads it .
Chris thought the conversation was deep ( I could barely keep up with this guy as fast as he was walking but praise God he gave me the energy to stay right with him...haha) ...he thought he could work his way to heaven and that going to church automatically makes you a Christian. He is going to become a police officer. I gave him a copy of Tony Mianos "Living Beyond Inspiration" to read. (Thanks Tony). He listened and understood the Gospel.
Robert (seen in the pic) is from Africa. We talked from quite some time. He lives in Huntington with his mom. He is studying Bio-something. He was a joy to speak with...he had heard the Law and the Gospel. I hope to see him again. Hopefully he will take me up on the offer to have him and his mom over for dinner. I also gave him a copy ESV NT Bible since he didnt have one here.
Neil grew up in the Methodist church and just had alot of questions about the Bible and its authority. He didnt understand the Gospel....but after he heard the Law then the Gospel he understood.
Charley just moved up to Huntington, WV from Augusta, GA. I spoke with him as I was getting ready to leave the pond. He thought the good and bad just evened out. I shared the Law and the Gospel with him. He understood and I gave him a ESV NT Bible.
Please pray for these guys. It truly was a wonderful day because God was Glorified through the sharing of his glorious Gospel.....Keep Fishin.