Hittin the streets of Huntington, WV

My friend Sean and I started the year off right with a trip to the Huntington Mall. We were able to talk to several people. I spoke with two youths who although they went to church on twice on Sunday and on Wednesday evenings couldnt tell me how a person could go to heaven. "Just by being a good person and doing the right thing, " they said. I was able to take them through the Law and the Gospel.....they said if they died right now they would go to Hell. I encouraged them to Not waste time Repent of their sins and put their trust in the Savior. Another older man said He had seen all sorts of things in the mall but had never seen anyone sharing their faith in the mall. He was a believer and asked for some tracts to give to his family who he said desperately needed Salvation. We were an encouragement to Him. God was indeed Glorified. Keep Fishin.