Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mission Ottawa 2015

Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 5

Our 5th and last day of Mission Ottawa began with a beautiful fall morning and a hike through the Gatineau Hills where along the forest trails Wayne, Vernon, Kim and I planted many a gospel tract along the way to the scenic lookouts. Later a different kind of hike took us through a couple of vintage vinyl record shops for V and W.
When we got back home, Kim treated us to a tasty chicken and rice dinner followed by the best homemade apple crisp ever before we made our way out for our final gospel outreach on the streets of Westboro in Ottawa.
Standing with our crosses and armed with gospel tracts, we stood at an intersection that was more vehicle traffic than pedestrian but what pedestrians were there, a good number accepted our gospel tracts to take home and read. Here is to the Lord to do His work in their hearts for their salvation. And we prayed for all those who also drove by and saw the crosses. God can do anything with any kind of gospel seed.

What a great week this has been! Glory to God! It's hard to believe its over...for now. Until next year, Chris, Kim and I are going to have to try and figure out how we can get along without Vernon and Wayne. It ain't gonna be easy.

Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 4

What a wonderful day this was! In the six hours of nonstop evangelism the Lord had us busy doing at the University of Ottawa, our intrepid team had ample opportunity for each of us to open air preach the gospel, hand out hundreds of gospel tracts and involve us in many one-to-one and group conversations...MANY lengthy good gospel conversations.
The crowds came in waves; large, large crowds of students going to and fro throughout the day with the message of the gospel bouncing off the buildings, the cross being seen, the tracts being received and the conversations taking place.
The Lord graciously blessed our presence being there and many heard the gospel and many were given much to ponder after talking with us.

We are so tired yet so grateful. One more day on the way. Thank you, Lord! Glory to God, alone!

Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 3

We have now reached the midpoint of our 5 day Mission Ottawa gospel outreach. Just got back home for a break (after preaching the gospel and handing out tracts on Parliament Hill and a street mall location) before heading out again for our evening session.

What a wonderful way to redeem the time the Lord has given us. What a privilege it is to be able to proclaim His word and spread gospel seed in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada! Two and half more days to go.

Thank you, fellow saints, for your continued prayers. 

Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 2

Our day began with a wonderful afternoon of worship, prayer and rich fellowship between family and friends in the comfort of our living room. We listened to an encouraging sermon on evangelism by John MacArthur that sparked a good discussion regarding our experiences. This was followed by a wonderful meal prepared by Kim the cook. The team packed up, minus the cook this time and headed to the Byward Market for an evening of evangelism.

The Lord was not scarce in providing us with a location that brought a good number of individual men who, after our preaching, approached us to speak with us. Men with questions, men with needs, men with hearts searching for hope and meaning in their lives.
One young man, a Canadian soldier, stopped to hear the whole gospel message I was preaching and approached me after to ask how he can he find assurance of his salvation as he had been experiencing doubts in the past couple of years. I spoke with him for a half an hour and we agreed to go out for breakfast soon (before he is transferred to northern Alberta) to go over Scripture with him regarding matters of a Christian's assurance.

We are now preparing (prayer and packing) to head out for another day of gospel seed planting and watering. Your continued prayers, fellow Christian, would be most appreciated. Thank you

Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 1

M.O. DAY 1
Well, our first full day of Mission Ottawa has already gone by. A full day and evening of open air preaching, crosswalking, handing out hundreds of gospel tracts, fruitful one to one conversations, short and long, etc. The Lord has blessed this first of our five day gospel blitz on the streets of Ottawa. This is our 6th annual Mission Ottawa outreach.

So glad to team up with Vernon Costolo , Wayne AlbrechtChris J Curry and, of course, my ever present gospel giving partner, Kim. God is so present with us and the fellowship is wonderful. Thank you to those who have been praying for this year's outreach here in Ottawa. Keep ups the good work. smile emoticon
Below is a pic of Chris Curry preaching his heart out with Vernon holding the Are You Ready cross at a busy downtown intersection. The image on the sweater on the person on the right is a clear indication of the need for people to hear and receive the gospel message.

M.O. Day 2. Here we GO again! Lord help us.
- MissionOttawa

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Proclaiming the Truth at Marietta Square!

I woke up Monday morning and briefly checked out the news on FB. I saw that brother Shane Sands and his wife Holly were passing through Georgia on their way to Florida.  A fairly big rainstorm blanketed the southeast and changed their plans. It has rained on Monday the past seven of nine weeks. We messaged back and forth for a few minutes then decided to meet at Marietta Square to share the gospel with whoever would be there.  God was so gracious to us and held back the rain the entire time we were there. This is the account of out time together as posted on the United in Christ Jesus Facebook page. I hope you are encouraged!

Two brothers in Christ, humbly seeking the Father's favor to pour them out and use them for His glory and praise - salvation of lost souls.

Shane proclaiming Christ Jesus - Him crucified, Him risen, Him reigning and returning. Compassionately calling all to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. 
The drops of water could accurately describe the pain we saw on this lady's face. She actually began listening across the street and walked over to hear the gospel. We didn't get a chance to talk to her. Please pray for her.

This is Ryan at the beginning. He ended up staying the entire gospel proclamation.

While Shane preached, Vernon was actively engaging people walking through the park, handing out numerous tracts. 

Shane and Vernon laboring together in the LORD's fields. May He have granted a harvest this day!

Young man reading a tract Vernon gave him.

Another man whom God, the Holy Spirit, brought into the park to hear the good news.

This man was given a tract and though he would not look at Shane preaching, he sat and listened very closely. 

Brother Vernon handing out tracts and engaging people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Such a blessing to meet up with brother Vernon again - a humble servant's heart, filled with compassion and love for the lost.

As Shane interceded for Ryan and asked the Father to grant him life through His Son, it became very clear something was happening inside of Ryan. We quite possibly witnessed God, the Holy Spirit, regenerating Ryan's heart! Praise the LORD!!

Vernon and Shane helping Ryan to find a local church where he could go worship and grow in Christ.

Shane and Vernon in Historic Marietta Square. Shane is holding the cross that Vernon made for him. The cross has traveled thousands of miles and has been used countless times in the proclamation of the gospel. Such a BLESSED day. We are grateful God changed our plans, redirected our steps, and brought us together to labor with him. We eagerly look forward to our next meeting!

Its was truly a wonderful few hours with Shane and Holly. I so enjoyed being able to sow seed with them. Please pray for them as continue their Spring Evangelism Tour!  For more information about United In Christ Jesus check out the link on the right side of the page. :-)  GO!